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Towards Clarity

An ideal session to begin exploring what has brought you here, unlock your emotions, quiet your thoughts, and see the path clearly. Logotherapy as the main tool in this session leads us to understand the root of your current emotions and generate effective strategies for holistic intervention

Virtual Meeting: 75 minutos
Costo: 65 dólares

3 sessions - $150

5 sessions - $200

Unconscious Mind Revelation:

A unique session, ideal for those with deep and existential questions about life and connection with themselves and others. In this experience, you will explore the library of information housed in your unconscious mind, which influences various ways of thinking and acting.

Product Details

2-hour virtual meeting

Price: $180 USD

Check the agreement for this session.

Acuerdo de compra:

El Cliente comprende que durante la sesión pueden aflorar emociones intensas, sensaciones y recuerdos, incluyendo aquellos relacionados con eventos traumáticos.

El Cliente acepta que este ejercicio puede incluir el uso de herramientas de radiestesia, tablas, cartas y apoyos visuales para facilitar su desarrollo.

El Cliente reconoce que su participación en la sesión es completamente voluntaria y puede decidir detener la sesión en cualquier momento.

El Cliente entiende que mientras estas técnicas están diseñadas para facilitar la exploración personal y el bienestar
emocional, también existen riesgos como la posibilidad de experimentar malestar emocional temporal.

El Cliente al igual que el Terapeuta, se comprometen a mantener la confidencialidad de toda la información revelada durante la sesión.

El Cliente reconoce que la presente sesión no es un sustituto de la atención médica profesional.

Estoy de acuerdo.

Recover and Advance:

90 Days to Prosperity and Well-being

Online Group Coaching Program Regain emotional stability and financial prosperity after a significant event in your life.

If taking control of your emotional and financial life seems challenging, this program is for you. It offers a clear path to recovery and growth. Includes: 3 personalized sessions Emotional Stabilization Guide Financial Assessment and Planning Structure Long-term Strategies

Additional Benefits: Access to educational guides and resources. Tracking tools for your progress. Continuous support between sessions.

This program is a guide and companion on your journey to organization and growth. A weekly group session that you can access from anywhere.

3 months $350 Start date: February 15

Achieve Your Goal in 3 Months

Personalized coaching program. We materialize together that established goal!

Imagine the possibility of having your brand resonate with your new goals, acquiring holistic knowledge to serve others, and clarifying the next step that brings you peace, abundance, and coherence in your life. READ MORE

We materialize together that established goal through dedicated support. In this exciting journey of self-discovery and growth, we will use powerful coaching techniques and holistic arts to unlock your true potential, generating tangible results that will transform your existence. Ideal for those who: Want their brand or business to resonate more with their new life goals. Are interested in educating themselves on self-awareness and learning holistic tools to serve others. Need assistance in clarifying the next step that brings peace, abundance, and coherence to their lives.

What You Will Get:

12 Coaching Sessions. Personalized Tools: You will receive practical and effective tools designed to overcome obstacles and enhance your development uniquely.
Time Focus: We will learn to optimize your time and energy for significant results in a short period of 3 months.
Dossier about your program and continuity guide.

Investment: $1,500 USD

Comprehensive Personality Report

This analysis reveals who you truly are, without the influence of predefined roles or masks that we often feel compelled to fit into. Inspired by the synergy of Kabbalah, I'Ching, Myers-Briggs, astrology, biochemistry, genetics, and the chakra system, it offers a complete and unique view of your quantum human design.

What is needed? Your personal data, full name, place, date, and time of birth.

How is it received? You will receive your analysis digitally to your email within a maximum of 3 business days.

This report provides a deep understanding of your personal energy in social, personal, and work aspects, as well as a guide to understanding the functioning of your emotions and decision-making based on your authentic nature and integrity.

Price: $200

Products Digital Guide:

Discovering Your Shadow

A digital guide to work privately at your own pace. You will identify what is behind emotions that intervene daily in your behavior and be guided through exercises to incorporate and recognize the power of this information within you.

USD: $30

In-person services
Miami-dade, Broward County

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