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Juntos, del pensamiento a la acción

Together, from thought to action

I am Angela Maria Ortega

Since childhood, I have always felt a strong curiosity to understand different forms of thought and behavior. My passion for helping others and contributing to social changes led me to study political science and international relations in Colombia. However, it was my interest in exploring the study of being even more that motivated me to acquire various tools and methods to integrate and connect with our true human nature.

Despite holding corporate roles in marketing and sales, reality definitively led me to embrace my inner desire and wholeheartedly welcome Holistic Sciences and Arts.

My mission is to be a guide in challenging moments of life, recognizing the being and existence of each individual through new perspectives, so they can make decisions and navigate with freedom, coherence, and love.

Currently, I live and practice in the United States.

If you resonate with my approach, don't hesitate to write to me. When you shine, I also do!

Our products and services are designed to assist you A Journey towards the authentic Self

in discovering inner serenity, enhancing your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
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Luminous Profile

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A Journey towards the authentic Self

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